We understand that no-man desires to have a cloud of legal dispute hanging on their head for long, hence time remains the prime value in our practice.

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Unlawful Arrest Claims

The ability to establish professional maturity and maintain significant commitment is on trust and transparency. That being said, our legal services and timely updates are of self-explanatory to our ethical practice.

Unlawful Arrest Claims

To us, business is communication, we keep communication, we sustain communication and we promote communication during our business services through regular updates to clients.

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Welcome to TJ Attorneys Inc.Below are our major services

Administration of Deceased Estates

A sudden death or passing of the beloved one in the family can be traumatic. Therefore, it is for such reasons that T J Attorneys Inc, a firm well experienced in the administration of the deceased estates is here to simplify the process to you & assist in the winding up of the estates. Give us a call to explain the process & our viable legal services to you.

Claims against Road Accident Fund

Have you or your loved once being involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained serious injuries? Or have you lossed your loved once as a result of a motor vehicle accident? T J Attorneys is a call away to assist in the assessement of your case and speed your claim against the Road Accident Fund

Claims of Unlawful
Arrest and Detention;

Should you believe that you or your beloved once have been subjected to unlawful arrest and detention, or maliciously prosecuted, or have you been subjected to police brutality or assault, do not hesitate to inquire with our offices to assist you to pursue a civil claim against the pepertrators.

Law Disputes

T J Attorneys Inc is considerate and dedicated in labour law, ready to resolve any labour disputes you may have,rendering legal representations at the CCMA, the Bargaining Councils and legal representations in the labour Courts. We are a call away to your fair labour practice.


If you believe you are a victim of medical negligence, our medical negligence lawyers are available to assess your case and explain your legal options to pursue possible claims against the responsible and liable individuals.

Civil Litigation

Our services are not limited to Road Accident Fund claims, Medical negligence claims, admin of Wills and Estates, but we have also the necessary skills and expertise to litigate any dispute you may be involved in,such as divorce proceedings, contractual disputes and registration of trusts ‘Deed of Trusts.



We continually pursue to find a balance between appropriate legal services and cost-efficiency in favour of clients.


We are flexible in determining our fees and are open to capped or flat fee arrangements, whenever a reliable estimate can be made.


We discuss the fee arrangements in detail after we obtain information regarding mandate and client’s financial capacity to cover costs.


Our fees are determined on hourly rates, depending on complexity and time demand of a specific mandate, as well as expertise of practitioners involved.